Toddler Program


instrumental in helping your child deal with inevitable tantrums, learning to cope in difficult situations, identifying feelings, and even potty training.

The Educational Component:

Our staff understands that your toddler now begins to think in more complex ways.  Your child will find hidden toys, has a better memory, and tries new ways to solve problems.  We know your child is able to remember what someone else did and repeat it sometime later and become

on eye level with your toddler, making eye contact when speaking, and showing excitement in his efforts to communicate.

In the Loop:

Toddler Program

12 Months - 3 Years

Full Day Hours 6:45am-6pm

1/2 Day Hours 9am-12:30pm

3/4 Day Hours 9am-2:45pm

Toddlers are ready to explore the world around them.  He knows that words stand for things.  You will see our caregivers

A parent’s input and partnership is a vital component to your Toddler’s day.  Knowing your child’s temperament, how you discipline at home, knowing when your child gets frustrated and what will make them happy, creates a continuity of care that is

more familiar with stories, and remembers sequence and details.  You will see a room filled with toys and games for opportunities to play with interesting and challenging materials-things that encourage manipulation, interaction, and the need to figure things out.  Things such as blocks, puzzles, water and sand, a variety of art materials, large beads to string, and plenty of room for pretend play.  You will see caregivers singing songs and repeating finger plays, and having your toddler in her lap reading.  But

most of all you will see your child’s caregiver always talking to your toddler because through practice your toddler will become aware of the power of language.

The toddlers have their own playground and indoor gym time to support large motor development by creating lots of space to climb under, over, inside of, on top of, and around.  And to laugh.  Lots and lots of laughing.

Daily Activities/Curriculum:

Country Kids uses the Connecticut Guidelines of the Development of Infant & Toddler Early Learning, Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework as well as the Connecticut Kindergarten Common Core State Standards as the foundations of our curriculums.  All teachers contribute to creating and implementing planned activities for the children in their classroom.  This will be done during paid planning time and at weekly room teacher meetings.  Planning will also be done during the children’s rest times.

To really understand your child’s day at Country Kids we encourage you to visit.  Call and schedule a private tour and feel the personal touch your child will enjoy.