Country Kids Kindergarten


Before & After School Hours Available

child to staff ratio.  The benefits of small learning groups throughout the day allows for a personalized curriculum for your Kindergartener.  Your child will question, explore, and use all of senses as teachers encourage risk-taking.  State of the art technology is utilized for hands-on learning to promote creativity.




Why Kindergarten at Country Kids?

  1. Bullet Small class size ensures individual attention and fosters success

  2. Bullet A superior academic program encompassing all the disciplines while addressing the whole child

  3. Bullet Hands-on, interactive approach to learning creates a “love to learn” atmosphere

  4. Bullet An emphasis on respect for self and others, the celebration of differences, and the demonstration of the connections between responsibilities/consequences help to build good character

  5. Bullet Emphasis on Parent/Teacher communication

  6. Bullet Interesting field trips that capture the imagination

  7. Bullet Great classroom space

  8. Bullet The convenience of Before and/or After School care

  9. Bullet Extra amenities as seen in on site indoor swim and dance lessons

  10. Bullet The gift of an extra year for optimal performance in the Primary Grades

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Country Kids presents you an exciting alternative choice for Kindergarten.  Our Center is the first to introduce an 8:30-3:30 Kindergarten program with the benefit of a low

Language Arts are approached through listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

Mathematics builds upon the children’s natural curiosity about shapes, sizes, amounts and fundamentals of mathematics.

Social Studies will develop your child’s awareness as a citizen of their local community and the world.

Science discovery visualizes children as learners actively constructing knowledge rather than passively taking in information. Because growth and development are unique to each child, our program will build independent thinkers, cooperative learners, and most importantly, a thoughtful, caring classroom.

Physical Education, Creative Arts and Music programs and Library and field trips-round out our exciting curriculum not available in any other Kindergarten.