FAQ: Toddlers


Frequently Asked Questions: Toddlers

How do I know Country Kids is the personal place for my toddler?

FAQ: Toddlers




Q: Does my child have a primary caregiver?  

A: Yes, this is very important for continuity of care, and for your child to feel safe.

Q: Can my child choose from a variety of toys and materials in the classroom?

A: Yes.  There are Centers for art, block building, dramatic play, manipulative. sensory activities and a reading  area.

Q: Am I given any communication about my child every day? 

A: Yes.  Basic Information about eating, napping, outdoor

time and special activities are on a written daily report, and the teachers are always available to talk to you.

Q: Do my opinions about the care of my child matter?

A: Yes. They are imperative.

Q: Are there staff who are first aid and CPR trained? 

A: Yes. Full time employees.

Q: What is my child’s routine? 

A: You will see it posted in the classroom.  It is a combination of active and passive, and  that are flexible to the children’s interests and moods. Outdoor time and gym time are an important part of each day.

Q: Is my child’s work displayed around the room?

A: Yes. With the child’s explanation of what it is for the beginning of understanding print.

Q: What self-help skills are being taught?

A: Dressing, undressing, washing hands, cleaning-up

Q: How does the classroom help with potty-training? 

A: Our staff will finish what you begin and give you tips along the way.

Q: How does the staff facilitate language? 

A: Everything your child does during the day is an opportunity to expand speech.

Q: How is my child disciplined? 

A: Our staff praises good behavior, maintains eye contact and redirects your child.  Tantrums are common at this age, and our staff knows how to guide your child through them.

Q: But what happens when my daughter/son cries for me? 

A: Comforting your child is the most important job your caregiver will have.  They understand that at Country Kids “treating them like your own” is what we do.