FAQ: Preschool


Frequently Asked Questions: Preschool

How do I know Country Kids is the personal place for my preschooler?

FAQ: Preschool




Q: Which curriculum approach do you use? 

A: Our curriculum is Connecticut Frameworks which addresses social/emotional, cognitive, physical and creative/aesthetic development.

Q: How is that a personal approach to my child’s learning? 

A: Connecticut Frameworks recognizes the whole child, and that each child meets milestones at different times.  It is an approach to learning that is individualized by observation and intentional teaching—we teach something for a reason, and that reason is your child.

Q: Does that encompass an assessment of my child’s abilities? A: Your child will have a one on one academic assessment twice each year, along with daily observations of each child.

Q: How is my child’s family information important? 

A: You cannot teach the whole child without learning everything about him.  The information you give us is vital.

Q: How do the teachers communicate with me? 

A: Each teacher is available to speak to you daily in person , telephone or e-mail to update you.  Formal conferences are twice a year, or any time you would like to speak privately to a teacher.

Q: Will my child be “ready” for Kindergarten? 

A: Your child will be introduced, through play, projects and instruction to all the academics needed for Kindergarten.

Q: What will I see in your preschool room? 

A: You will see a classroom rich with exploratory materials, computers, and samples of your child’s work.  You will see clear areas set up for art, science, writing, block building, reading, dramatic play and sensory.

Q: But my child is so young, who will nurture him when I am at work?  

A: The emotional well-being of your child comes first and foremost.  As many of our staff are mothers also, they understand “treat them like your own”.