FAQ: Infants


Frequently Asked Questions: Infants

How do I know Country Kids is the personal place for my baby?

FAQ: Infants




Q: Is the teacher to child ratio lower than four children to one caregiver? 

A: Country Kids has a three to one ratio.

Q: Can I bring my own breast milk? 

A: Yes. Provisions are also made for frozen breast milk.

Q: Will my baby be held to feed? 

A: Yes.  All bottles are given by a caregiver in a rocking chair.

Q: Will my baby have his own crib? 

A: Yes., and does not share with other babies.

Q: Are the teachers First/Aid and CPR trained?  

A: Yes.

Q: How are the toys cleaned?  

A: Any toy that goes into a child’s mouth is put into a bleach and water solution.

Q: Can I call during the day to see how my baby is doing?  

A: Absolutely.  Any time.

Q: How am I informed about what my child did every day?  

A: You will receive a daily written report, and your caregiver will be happy to talk to you over the phone or in person each day.

Q: How often does my baby get fresh air?  

A: We believe that fresh air is important to your child’s health.  We will consider the heat, wind chill and inclement weather.

Q: Can I visit anytime? 

A: We have an open-door policy.

Q: Is there tummy time? 

A: Every child has tummy time every day.

Q: Does my baby get read to/sung to/talked to with eye contact?  

A: This is imperative in our care of your baby.

Q: What is my baby’s schedule?  

A: Your baby will have her own schedule when they join us.  As your baby gets older, and needs change, so will her schedule.

Q: What happens when my baby becomes mobile? 

A: We have a separate  mobile infant room for those babies who have begun to walk. 

Q: I am so nervous about leaving my child with a stranger who won’t know what to do when my baby cries.  Will he be crying in a crib because the caregivers are too busy to comfort him?  

A: Never. Even the office staff is on hand to assist if necessary.