Enrichment Program


This exciting program will:

  1. Bullet Provide an opportunity to extend the wonderful learning activities that the children experience in our morning programs.

  2. Bullet Help children make connections between the literature they will be “reading” and the story stretching activities in which they will be participating.

  3. Bullet Provide an environment where children grow to love books, poems, jokes, riddles, and songs.

  4. Bullet Help children develop an appreciation of more varied types of literature.

  5. Bullet Foster a love of literature and learning

  6. Bullet Allow your child to extend their day having fun, making new friends, and exploring great books.

Extended Day Enrichment Program

“Read It Again!” This is the plea when a child and a story connect.  A good teacher knows by the giggles, the signs, the absolute stillness, and by the way the children inch

Enrichment Program



closer that a book is a “read-it-again” story.  The love of a good story, the classic ones, the humorous ones, the sad tales, the tall tales, the chants and rhymes that get stuck in our heads, along with the bold graphics, the weepy watercolors, the muted charcoals, and the funny cartoons are the reasons children shout, “Read it Again!”.

Knowing our young children’s love of good stories, our Preschool Enrichment Program, will use Story Stretchers (a method that furthers the learning process by incorporating the Art Center, Library Corner, Math & Manipulatives, Music, and Dramatic Play in reference to the story) as a means to extend that enthusiasm and connect children’s literature to exciting activities.